The computer cannot access the net, the gateway cannot connect, revises IP to halt

My computer cannot access the net suddenly, this locality connects the demonstration to have accepts the data packet, has not transmitted the data packet.Afterward revised IP, the click determined after the key, the computer halted.After restarting, demonstrated that the gateway cannot connect, some 360 scanning wooden horse does not have the question.Is changing IP, halts immediately, continuously like this.Who knows, how solves?
Under the renewal the network card actuates to look Network card question.Moreover occasionally the estimate is the hardware question:
Has accepts the data, has not transmitted the data, on certainly net
Will revise the IP address, the network card to the network in equipment, for instance the gateway, will transmit an information, then outstanding message returns, because will be unable to transmit the data, will not certainly also be able to receive the returns, this kind of situation will halt is very normal, but will be generally plays dead the condition.It is estimated that actuates with the network card to have nothing to do with.But is the network card question, or is the net wire head’s question, for instance in the normal use’s 4 lines have one (transmission data) connect with or two not good or are cut off.Inspection network head, mesh wire then.
PS:Definitely is not this aircraft, or how round of question??? Ha-ha

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