Start Menu flashing up and freezing problemswhat can I try?

My computer incorporates a mind of a.It may well only become on a few moments until random things soar up onscreen in the start menus, the cursor can’t be brought appropriate or quit, but slides up and down within the start menu, sometimes switching up devoid of me relocating it by any means, the get started menu itself is normally neatly horizontal to the bottom of the monitor display, but can certainly jump taking over 50 percent the filter, or spot itself major to base vertically within the right hand side.Merely am on-line, everything all of the sudden disappears.Merely am accomplishing something with Word, I must save this every couple of words or it could possibly disappear way too, or the particular page and also other pop-ups from the start selection may deep freeze so I can’t turn anything along, and laptop can simply be switched off by keeping down the beginning button pertaining to 5 moments.

I thought it could be some sorts of virus, but antivirus is up to par and every single scan illustrates nothing.WE tried tapping F8 frequently while rebooting, (advice to another dilemma here) women and men computer still behaves similar way.It can be driving me personally nuts.

Any kind of ideas, anyone

it most sounds quite annoying, though I’m not confident specifically what the miscalculation is in the description of the issue.It can be possibly any virus, and the jiffy of getting on prior to it has up is definitely the time it will require for the actual instruction arranged to weight or a timed response to power up.Run Malwarebytes and examine if your AV software missed a little something ( )
It can sound maybe as in the event the issue will be hardware relevant, not sure that obtaining XP will be relevant aside from it is more subject to virus transmissions, have people added virtually any new electronics recently It may be sticky keys to the keyboard, fake mouse or maybe drivers, perhaps the VGA card (if every little thing gets greater then indeed, if exclusively certain objects on screen then not likely) very low powered CMOS battery to the mainboard nonetheless this not usually affects the actual shutdown just initial settings of which get dropped.It is actually a defective disc drive but yet again that not usually affects the actual layout on screen.We would concentrate on the mouse as well as keyboard, is he / she a wireless set

How long maybe you have had your personal machine Maybe your Hard disk drive is reaching the completed of it is really days…Same task happened to my friends laptop.Jittery display and every thing is slow-moving
It may also be your own running way too many programs inside the background and you don’t have enough ram, or ones cpu can’t sustain anymore.

Either way I’d be amazed if it is a virus…No doubt a Computer hardware issue.Pop that into some you recognize who’s beneficial with computer systems…

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