Searches for the dog input method question

I use to search for the dog Pinyin, but after sometimes gets the Pinyin, the alternative character, might get suddenly has vanished, my anything has not bumped into, has vanished, input state anything has not changed, only could hit directly.This kind of condition chats ICQ time presents ~ frequently
Who can tell me why? My rewiring has searched for dog ~ to be possible no matter uses! Question supplement:Impossible is any letter does not press down

Which was also impossible not to select in inputs this kind of situation too pediatrics…

Does not use this kind of input method, is not very clear
Sometimes however uses other also to be able like this,
Probably was some establishments changed, was all right multiplest under is all right I have used to search for that kind of phenomenon me who the dog input method has not presented you to say to think that is which possibly is you the reason which presses down some letter key has shot also has the possibility is you have selected in inputs the reason which the writing starts to type.Uses the google input method to be good.Not these questions.Ha-ha

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