Remote shutdown with cmd?

Alright and so the method I am trying to work with is in order to type the following in cmd…

“net view” then receive the name of an pc powering my router, then kind “tracert ” to acquire the ip tackle, which could well be 192.168.TIMES.XXX after which you can to kind “shutdown -i” in addition to add this ip address in to the shutdown in addition to shut it down.

Though the problem is when i type online view all I notice is my computer, any thoughts why this really is there tend to be multiple computers powering the router.

the best way to power down a personal computer remotely is definitely using outlook express asleep,

Make a batch file on your hard drive that can shut down your personal machine.

Here is one among my order file

indicate off
shutdown -s

MY PARTNER AND I called this batch report “shutdowncomputer.bat”.

Open View and look at the “Tools” palate.Choose “Rules in addition to Alerts”

Around the opened “Rules Dialog” decide on “New Rule”

Choose “Start which has a blank rule” and guarantee that “Check messages when they arrive” is actually selected.Click “Next”.

Choose the actual rule to activate having “Specified words inside the Subject”.Visit “Specified words” link through and add within your subject line you choose.The command will shoot when view sees a good email having that issue line.I decided “Shutdown this computer” nonetheless I suggest something considerably more secure than that!
Click “Next

Decide on the measures “Start Application”.It truly is quite far down that list.

Visit the link through “application” along with change the actual file dialog to “Show all files (*.*)”.Choose the actual batch file to run.Then click on “Next”.

Click “Finish” to finish adding a fresh rule.Outlook will probably prompt you that this kind of rule (to perform commands) can only always be run in the client and while the client pc is usually running.

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