Opens typing photocopying shop ~ to kneel asks the prawns to advise `?

I live on a small town about the 10W person, here only then the pairs family types photocopying shop ~ usually to thrive is very good!

I have the friends and relatives in the school district and the government service.
They suggested that I go to a such shop front.
The facade I had ~ to repair may.,
Which softwares is present’s question ???? I needs to go to study! Wants comprehensive oh `
I prepare to invest 3-5W
Which things needs to buy?
Wants brand-new oh ~
In the computer family had one, the disposition also calculated may ~
Is troublesome everybody help to calculate ~! Question supplement:Which software ~ needs to study

Needs how many fund ~

Takes the shop front real estate evaluator copy ID card copy and an inch picture
Has the industry and commerce business license to the bureau of industry and commerce.
Then registers then the application receipt to the tax bureau
Because this expense is 400-600 different time the place to have the difference

Since your computer had
Then you also need the colored black and white printer


If the name card \ scroll wanted to manufacture that to invest is big

The effect chart prints and blueprints can only the professional

Opens such small scale the shop to be inferior that specialized makes the notebook computer \ effect chart to print \ to blueprint and so on

Such words 5W suffices 2—3 computers..Printer…Duplicator…Sells some legal copies name card manufacture software anything..did the 3W block how also suffice.Needs to study uses the office office software, this software may buy the book to study slowly, on deft one week can be skilled.
Is photoshop, can cut the picture simply, with adds some simple effects then, may also buy the book study, one day can.

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