New clothing’s computer cannot do `

I bought computer `to think today may crisp under play

Result very disappointed \

The computer recognition obviously card unexpectedly is 3800 “`my card obviously is 3870 `

Moreover my what played cannot go in “`to enter the game saying that what memory couldn’t be READ “springs tabletop `how to manage??? Many games like this

The computer distinguishes my memory is 3.25G `, but I have installed 4G `
How to manage how to manage??? The master replied that `thanks Question supplement:My card also low `that you obviously said what card is obviously high? What blue valuable is HD3870 obviously card??? Does not understand please do not

The card disposition too has been obviously low, plays the game first to have a good card obviously and the quite big memory Looks sells your computer.
Makes their phone call.

Possibly that is the network game, lacks the network joint.Present’s operating system is 32 can only recognize 3G to be many, cannot recognize 4G

The above question is possibly your motherboard incompatible question The software needs the high system support, possibly is the memory capacity creates insufficient

Double-clicks a game’s quick way, “0x77f5cd0” the instruction quotation “0xffffffff” the memory, this memory cannot be “read”, and prompts the Client.dat program error.
Solution:The rewiring obviously card’s newest driver, then downloads and installs DirectX9.0.

The system presents the memory not to be able to be ” Read ” or ” written ” the reason includes:
Actuates not stably, is incompatible with the system, this easiest to present the memory not to be able to be Read or the file protection

In plays time the game presents the memory not to be able to be Read, then very greatly possibly is obviously the card actuation suits (here is not suitable to have ill shoulds to play, not to suit computer’s card obviously), also has the possibility is the DX9.0C edition is not very new or does not conform to this game, obviously the card actuation

Passes on one simple solution:

1st, in starts – in the movement to input CMD to determine, inputs the following content after the command line window according to carriage return
for %1 in (%windir% \ system32 \ *.ocx) do regsvr32 /s %1
, then inputs the following content and the carriage return
for %1 in (%windir% \ system32 \ *.dll) do regsvr32 /s %1
This must for a long time, the patience wait, but after also possibly needs to restart, the entire effect will only then come out.3800 expressed that 3800 series 3850 and 3870 as well as 3870X2 is 3800 (moreover does not have 3800 this model of chip).

My 3650 demonstrations are 3600, if must look that the concrete information may use the specialized examination software.
The XP default can only distinguish 3.25G memory this is normal.

Springs as for the game mainly with the system environment related, possibly is obviously the card actuation not correct installment, this question possibility is biggest, suggested that the actuation which with buys obviously when card brings, do not use the most update as far as possible.

Or the DirectX edition insufficient (this generally will not have memory read mistake),

Or the memory question, you may try to tear off a memory to have a look first.It is estimated that what Lou Zhu the computer lets the human install was fine abridged version GHO is systematic.
The peaceful justification does not have this question to appear.
One download an installment
Does not remove helps you to install equipment has not installed the game, oneself download to have a look also to have such matter.
Some motherboard computation memory could look at BIOS with computation hard disk same ~~ ~
xuqi119 registers the complete module also to be possible to solve, but must stabilize installs ~ Played cannot play has any relations with obviously the card! No matter the low card obviously played the game! But is only the card! Lou Zhu said the situation must have a look only then to know! The scene does not have a look to determine very difficultly! Trades a obviously card.

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