My computer starts difficultly

The breakdown is starting when always stopped in the first picture, must several times starting only then be possible repeatedly, winter’s time starts fortunately, is simply suffers to the summer.To afterward turned a big string English prompt, I online have translated, the content is as follows:
“a question has discovered and Windows already closed, prevents to harm your computer
The inspection guaranteed that any new hardware or the software, are installed.if this are a new installment properly, please inquire that you the hardware or software manufacturer’s any Windows renews, your possibly need.

If the question continues to exist, please be forbid either deletes any new installment the hardware or the software.Is forbid the BIOS memory options, for example the buffer either shadowing.if you need to use the safe mode to delete or to be forbid the module, starts the computer, presses the F8 key choice high-level startup options, then selective security pattern.”Ask that this is the software question or the hardware question
Yesterday did not have the means to recreate the system, today meets the similar question, looked under that master direction.Thanks!
Main describes me according to the building to estimate that is the actuation question
That is the actuation was incompatible the such easy blue screen to halt can even start First pays respects installs the pure version’s operating system to have a look
If incorrect words question on hardware
Is biggest who as for the hardware question possibility
I thought that is the memory and the hard disk most has the possibility
————————————— First has a look at your motherboard to have the latent quality question, for example does the electric capacity have rises, has, then trades it
Is actually forbid the CPU second-level buffer in motherboard BIOS to try, from yours wording, very possible is the CPU second-level buffer damage causes.Or is CPU radiates is not good causes, best trades a ventilator to try
Finally uses the interchange method, is equally equally trial, does not have the means that the computer hardware, if has the problem relatively to be troublesome.the cavensic – rivers and lakes rising star four levels are purely break wind
Manager chchc1982 – four levels absolutely credible
after the jerry_linux – assistant third-level too profound master did not have the first software, hardware’s principle

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