My computer possibly has the question, asks the master to help

The computer automatic pass several, likely cut power suddenly couple days ago is the same, is not automatic is heavy, then the surfer looks up.And downloads the EVEREST monitor computer, discovered that CPU really overheated, normal starting is 32 degrees, then starts the young tiger to 50 above, now takes the electric fan to treat is blowing, maintains at more than 50 degrees, does not blow, very quick to 70 degrees, the solution hyperpyrexia’s means already some friends told me, I also prepare to attempt and to solve the question.Today I discover a question!!! Is I one starting opens EVEREST to monitor the CPU temperature now, time is normal fortunately, does not calculate high, as soon as so long as but turns on a D plate’s folder, inside is the MP4 video frequency, as soon as so long as opens, can very card very card ~! The mouse click is not opens must only then have the reflection quite a while.Then the duty supervisor demonstrated that CPU100% and continue to be very long, more than 20 seconds have.Then the CPU temperature on the straight line rise, can only close the folder.Also has a related question, is how many video frequency editing software which in the past few days I downloaded, including after installment, 360 security power and influence could not open, now my family has not killed the poisonous software, used carbazole to kill couple days ago one time has not had the question, now carbazole due, the one who deleted ~ I to want to ask, could my computer CPU overheated question be the poison causes? (looks like the D plate folder’s question is the poison? ) thanks, the master please help to have a look at ~ Question supplement:Also has supplements a spot.Will be opens the recycling station the time also very much card very much card ~~~~~~~~~~ duty supervisor also to demonstrate CPU100%, and the card will be very long will only then demonstrate that inside the recycling station the document will come out, this will also be the poison full, I may close down normally.What question also besides these’s other, hasn’t continued to supplement, is the demonstration has a hideaway object in that video frequency folder’s table of contents, this is explains in me the virus full???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WLX quick timesC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which MP4 as soon as so long as I do open D plate the folder or the recycling station, will demonstrate this WLX quick the timesC advancement! Will be this advancement will occupy CPU90% above, ask.How should I manage now?

Has inspects the CPU ventilator? The obvious toxicant phenomenon, kills But after toxicant possible very big ~~ you kill the poison, again, if in the same old way presents such situation, then whether you should inspect your CPU ventilator work on six cylinders, is again looked that the following air regulator is blocked by trash thing has affected ventilates… Slightly shrank the video frequency document the effect to close first has tried.Such also occupies the resources.A rewiring system tries.Then cleans up after windows the assistant promotes kills the poison.The virus creates CPU100% condition work, will not cause the system to restart ~ automatically generally
Individual feeling hardware question occupies mainly, inspects the CPU ventilator rotation situation, to inspect the radiator whether fixed good! Removes these questions first, then while convenient looks up intoxicates! The next auspicious star heating power has a look at individual feeling to be good

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