My computer is still slow even after restore?

I had verizon safety suite on this computer but it really was slowing it lower massively thus I attempted uninstalling this but in which didnt function so I restored this computer but even after the restore it’s still quite slow and there’s nothing on my personal processes that is definitely taking up very much ram is there any way it could be the similar speed so it was next time i got it

Run your registry clean and stop startup systems from lifting (like Espresso and Thumb updaters, rate launchers, etcetera).MY PARTNER AND I usually suggest CCleaner ( just for this task.

check processor chip usage inside your task manager which will show up which are all the processes together with high as well as low usage and you can end the task or take advantage of it accordingly

possibly try storage defragmenting

perform any system making use of antivirus or even registry cleaner.

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