Kneels asks the solution my computer to go wrong the specialized understanding to come at once

My computer accesses the net any question not to have, only as soon as is holds the single plane game to present the mouse and the keyboard malfunction situation company closes down only then forces the shut down a machine, most starts is I thought that is the procedure has the conflict, but repeated has tried several discoveries is not, even if I do not open any procedure like this, no matter how enters any single plane game also like this not to know matter ~~
Now also has the specialized human affairs in? Under helps me to solve, I online and so on answer ~~ Question supplement:I am the compatible machine, this with kills the poisonous software not to have what relations probably, my machine yesterday well ~~

This morning got up on like this before has not had this similar situation

I also want saying that I do not have useful USB the keyboard and the mouse, I just got down 3 country wills 11 to want to play, the troublesome chivalrous people have the means which solves immediately not to have ~~

Brand machine?? If is the brand machine should be the question which the system question keyboard mouse actuates Killed the poisonous kind of software you to close first has held the game to try again!
You said that this question has many kinds ~1:Kills the poisonous software conflict
2:Your card support obviously is not very possibly high, CPU gives off heat and so on!
Present’s motherboard mostly has protects oneself the procedure! CPU will give off heat surpasses the load to force the close-down or to restart Obviously is your memory causes! Your memory how many? If the memory is enough you take down in certificate of deposit then install with eraser ~!! But has not been able to remove toxicant the possibility, these day of wooden horse virus is in flood, suggested that you use 360 security bodyguard’s stubborn virus to kill the comprehensive work to scan specially the computer, because the wooden horse virus will also take you many memories, your symptom was the card has halted completely!! Obviously card actuation question
Has unloaded present’s card actuation obviously, downloads the same model newest actuation to install!!! Reference: Closes down first inserts starting has a look again
This is because hardware’s use causes
The suggestion does not use inserts U, the mouse keyboard
With tradition
Repair system
Passed the section time to be good

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