Is any one using visual studio 2010 on a netbook?

How will be the performance associated with visual studio 2008/2010 on the netbook could it be normal, slow or even hangs way up often due to the fact i’m planing to buy a laptop of Acer desire one N455 atom processor

I have it on a new 1.6GHz solitary core netbook and computer’s desktop 3 GHZ double core.the particular laptop can be noticably weaker, but it you are not doing large projects like I became (game dev w/ xna) you could possibly not notice the difference.
If you are extremely impatient in comparison with no, although otherwise this should job fine.

Not advisable to utilize VS 2010 AND BEYOND on mini netbook computer.Firstly, it will be slow.The second is, all the particular toolbar, property windows will administer up an excessive amount space against your screen, and give you with small working area.

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