Intel Celeron 330 Pentium 4 is also AMD

Celeron D 330
can not be that AMD Celeron Celeron.rather than the Pentium 4 is not amd …..They are not a yes, yes INTEL Celeron 330

the Pentium 4 is based on the letters P at the beginning of the “ `AMD, not to mention the simple

Zheliang difference is that the kind of CPU's AMD's approach is that there are no needle of a sewing needle INTEL Saiyang.Intel Celeron 330 is a Pentium 4 and Intel Celeron products
Celeron is a Pentium brother.
And AMD N 000 years ago, is a company INTEL The.'s Fairchild, the founder of their own.
AMD more than a decade ago and INTEL have good relations, the design of Intel, AMD, he helped produce.
Relations are deteriorating rapidly.At present, the world's people use the The two companies CPU
is a INTEL.
Is an AMD
Intel Celeron 330
P4 are INTEL's.
Landlord to a number of IT can glance at the Web site see.
For instance,
look at it the next.Intel Celeron 330 marked understand, is Intel's Celeron series, the Celeron D series should be
Intel Celeron D 330 (box)
basic parameters of the Intel
CPU manufacturers to apply the type of desktop
CPU model Celeron D
CPU that Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz
core types Prescott
CPU pin 478Pin
the number of 90-nanometer process technology
Intel Celeron D 330 (box) technical parameters
processor front side bus frequency of 2.666GHz
processor 533MHz
octave 20
System bus 133MHz
CPU instruction set support for MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3
Intel Celeron D 330 (box)
a cache processor data cache 16KB
a 12KB instruction cache
secondary cache capacity 256KB
Intel Celeron D 330 (box) physical parameters
rated voltage power 1.550V
work 68.4W

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