Influence movement computer disposition including what?

Memory frequency
cpu frequency size
Outside processor basic frequency frequency
Obviously card size edition
Also has money the money more computer running rate to be quicker CPU the memory is most main
Actually this question is not very good replies ~
Must act according to you to computer’s use, if you work that actually not so-called
If hits the game card CPU memory to be very obviously important
If makes chart is the card memory is very obviously important
Which components importance if will make monitoring is the hard disk very important ~ computer different function immediate influence to the computer
Also has on not necessarily all hardware best computer that to be able to achieve the most perfect effect! Between hardware’s compatible also immediate influence computer’s running rate ~ and the human equally not necessarily for you the most perfect eye, the most perfect nose, the most perfect mouth you have most perfect appearance ~ perhaps this analogy will not be very appropriate ~ ha-ha ~

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