I think I’ve been scammed on eBay? Please help me?

Nicely, I invested in a t-shirt along with received the item…However, it turned out too large on my home.So WHEN I asked your seller if i could you should return the idea.According on the listing, it says they are going to refund.She stated sure and send it into the address offered and she’ll refund it right away.

I’ve provided it by way of Express with a tracking signal.The upcoming day, I’ve searched within the tracking code and it also says remember that it is sent.I requested the retailer if she has received the item, she explained no plus she’ll say to me if ‘s got it…

Following a weekend quick, I and then replied of which it’s been recently sent using the code offered.Hours subsequently, no reply and I messaged again evaluate again.I also called the head office on the Express courier headoffice they usually told myself that novice sent and there was no complications.

I do think I have been scammed.I do think they’re lying to me.I sense frustrated plus upset.I are not aware of what direction to go…Who a few pointer contact with this I don’t wish to waste $70 on nothing.

The particular seller are the owners of a many clothing store.

report the particular seller for you to eBay, my business is not convinced if it will get your money back yet, it will eradicate them stinging someone else.If you could have an deal with on them you possibly can visit it or find the police for you to, depending if they in AUS since well

If you could have proof with the courier organization that remember that it is delivered in that case Ebay can refund money if that seller won’t send you a different shirt.But the truth is need PROOF it had been delivered, not a little call with the head office that remember that it is sent.It must be delivered as well as signed for also , you need proof of the date and also time regarding delivery in addition to name with the person who seem to signed it

You need to contact eBay buyer service they should make your seller give you a order value.Threaten to present them careless review, it works cause they need to preserve good star ratings.

go into the clothing save or call ebay, that’s out of order.

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