I am 14 and am eager to learn to fix computers a shop wont take me on so please where can i learn?

my organization is very small business and pc minded (or hence i find told) and i am very serious about computers of course , if anything goes wrong in them inside my family i am the one delivered to fix that but i would like to learn to mend them properly and a specialist standard possibly there is any training books suppliers etc that may learn me in a high standard to correct computers.Every advice will we significantly appreciated.

you can naturally check away your local library with regard to books to sort it out to use until you are old enough to venture to college as well as learn this there, in addition there are other alternatives, the net is a single, find a forum about the subject.

I don’t think anyone would take people on as a result of your age group but be patent, your time will come if that’s what you deserve to do

You tend to be still fresh, finish your school first once you are free to college opt for IT because your topic and after that what ever you learn will coach you the the cogs and wheels of rectifying computers.
In that meanwhile why don’t you buy used computers in addition to and consider them a part to check out and learn traditional hunting had.Read publications about laptop trouble filming, programing plus softwere pattern.
You will have your brain screwed with, if you keep at it you are going to be a computer system wizz because of the time a person finishes uni.

Good luck!

Have a review of the federal funded Myguide site and come across your regional myguide facility.
Go and consult the those who work generally there.
Myguide allows very primary computer training even so the staff can present you with the local knowledge you appear to need.


I in the beginning learnt from here:

It’s great you may learn related to creating video games and all sorts.

go that will torrent website, download publications about equipment and software program:)

seeing that ur AGE 14, when it truly is time, check out school with regard to better education

however with textbooks, if ough are determinated, u can learn practically everything about it subject

Don’t make use of the pc’s.
Quite a few now in addition to cheap simply no money with repairs and selling these folks.

I suggest plumbing related or domestic electrician or propane engineer.You’ll earn more money at of which.

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