How to use the remote control,

That is uses the remote control to be possible to revise others computer’s establishment Question supplement:in ICQ also has this function, did not know that ICQ this function can revise others computer’s establishment, how can the words, look can inform have gymnastics uncle step

May, with operate oneself computer to be similar May! First you must guarantee that you wanted the long-distance computer to open this function.
Then you must know long-distance computer’s IP and user.
You may input a MSTSC determination inside the movement.
Inputs opposite party IP perhaps user.Again input password.
OK Inputs “the remote control tool” on the , had many resources, generally might see the long-distance tabletop, made the simple revision..May
In ICQ has this function
The ease of operation is simple.
In chats the window ” the application “.
Wants opposite party to agree that can operate.Now ICQ already had the long-distance assistance function to be very convenient to the friend you introduces

ICQ chats on the surface version the application – long-distance assistance

Opposite party agrees with then the long-distance onlooking opposite party tabletop
If continues the spot to control opposite party to agree that may operate oneself computer to operate opposite party computer equally likely

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