How to modify original file information?

The MIS teacher caught my pal who converted in another woman’s Access project and stated which the original invention date on the file matched another person’s file and that there was ugh that getting created at this also moment.But when you save the particular person’s file to your own computer system and perspective properties, the creation date shows the night out you saved it towards your own pc.How could my teacher see the author and also creation particular date when sending within the new file

How is it possible for me to watch original record information In case so, is it possible to edit it

While its true which the file system properties tend to be reset via email, the report itself is made up of meta data inclusive of this details.In Access specifically, you could open that database in addition to choose “database properties” you will see the info there.In terms of changing these details, it can not be done specifically, but you might create a fresh file after which export many of the objects in the old file on the new you.

Interesting that i caught not one but two students infidelity and WE used something a bit like catch all of them.Yes, it truly is possible adjust but We are not about to be normally the one to say.

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