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My assembly computer has only then bought more than 1 year, may access the net the speed to be getting more and more slow, I have only installed Caba Siji, when accesses the net also feared that it affected the speed to withdraw.But is very slow.What reason is? Has any method to let me access the net the speed quickly, certainly, wants safely! (wants to
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5 high grade surfer lines Teaches you to let Windows XP be quicker like this

In Windows XP does everything possible to let the system realize the terminal velocity to start, has been each computer amateur’s unremitting pursue.But, when after we exhaust each kind of optimized system’s unique skill, in the system initiation picture’s progress strip still needed to rotate several chapter of systems to be able to start successfully, what’s all this about, is each kind of system optimization unique skill which on the media summarizes uses for “to flicker” the human? In fact, many Tibet in the system hidden place’s network settings function, is many system optimization unique skills is unable to touch, in many situations is because these established the improper network function to slow the system initiation speed; Therefore, so long as we shield these improper network function, certainly can add a whip again for the system increased speed!

1st, shield network sharing function

If our computer has not been in the unit local area network network, then already began using a network sharing function use does not have actually, its existence will instead implicate the system the toggle speed; Must want to raise the system initiation speed as far as possible the words, we definitely may the network sharing function which already began using the local system to shield, below is the concrete masking operation step:

First “the start” in the menu carries out “the establishment” in turn in the Windows system/“the control panel”/“the network connections” the order, opens the local computer’s network connections tabulation window, found “local connected” the icon, and single-clicked this icon with the mouse right key, from the shortcut menu which after that appeared carries out “the attribute” the order, opened the local connection attribute establishment window;

Next in this window “the convention” in the label page, found “this connection to use the following project” to tabulate in the frame “the Microsoft network document and printer sharing” the option, and in the square cancelled this option in front of the number to cancel, finally single-clicked “determined” the button closure attribute establishment window, such got down the system when the next time start will not spend the time to inspect the network sharing aspect the content.

2nd, shield completely control function

The computer system each time starts when can carry on the search and the scanning automatically to the local hard disk’s related shared folder, but shared folder’s visit attribute establishment different words, then the system scans this goal shared folder’s time also to meet not same; When for example, some shared file quilt establishes as “read-only” the jurisdiction, the system scans this shared folder’s time possibly only to need 1 millisecond, but when shared folder’s access authority will establish as “controls completely”, the system scans this shared folder’s time possibly to need 1.5 milliseconds, thus it can be seen, when the clear shared folder “controls the function completely”, system’s toggle speed will also receive the certain extent the influence.Therefore, when we did not hope that own shared resource lets when at will others edit the revision, only needs simply shared folder’s attribute to establish as “read-only” may, but do not take for granted establishes it “shares completely”, not only under this kind of visit attribute, shared folder’s security cannot obtain the guarantee after all, will also affect system’s toggle speed.Must “control completely” the goal shared folder the words which the function shields, may defer to the following step to carry on the operation:

First opens system’s resources supervisor window, and found the goal shared folder in this window, then with the mouse right key one-shot correspondence folder icon, from the shortcut menu which after that appeared chooses “sharing and the security” the order option, opened to the goal shared folder’s attribute establishment window.

Next single-clicks in this attribute establishment window “safe” the label, turns on the label establishment page, in this page “the group or the user name” tabulate in the frame, selects itself to register system’s that specific user account frequently, what for example here author chooses is “ower” the account number.

Then in the correspondence “the ower jurisdiction” tabulates in the frame, selects “controls the project completely”, and in “the permission” in the square cancel to should the option selects the condition, like this we could “control the goal shared folder the function to shield completely”, afterward according to the actual visit need, the clear goal shared folder “the read” the jurisdiction or “read in” the jurisdiction, finally single-clicked “determines” the button, as soon as believed such comes system’s toggle speed to be able the further.

3rd, shield auto search function

When the start installment has Windows the XP system’s computer, this computer from will make in the position search local area network environment generally all shared resource, this kind from will make the position “the behavior” also to affect computer system’s fast start very obviously.In order to raise the system initiation speed, we may defer to the following method to shield the local system auto search shared resource function:

First opens the local system’s resources supervisor window, single-clicks in this window menu bar “the tool” the option, from under which after that appears pulls in the tabulation to single-click “the folder option”, enters to system’s folder option establishment contact surface, the one-shot “examines” the label, opens the option establishment window;

Found in this window “the auto search network folder and the printer” the option, and in the square cancelled this option in front of the number to cancel, single-clicked again “determines” the button, when such words this computer system next time start time-consuming will not go to the auto search local area network environment other shared resource, then the system initiation speed should obviously promote many.

4th, shield automatic allocation function

Here mentioned “automatic allocation function”, what actually refers to is the Windows system in tacitly approves under the condition to assign the IP address automatically for the local network card equipment the function; Once establishes the local network card’s IP address the automatic gain the words, then the computer system each time starts time, can cost certain time the dynamic IP address which may use to the local area network network’s in DHCP server application, if time visit DHCP server, the computer system will also attempt connects, visits the DHCP server repeatedly, until will visit the overtime, as soon as such will come system’s toggle speed to come under the very serious influence, will present the system to play dead the condition.In order to avoid the system time-consuming connecting, visiting the DHCP server in the startup procedure, so long as we established the static IP address which as the network card equipment good might use to be possible beforehand, might defer to the following step for the network card facility assignment static state IP address to carry on the operation:

First single-clicks “the start”/“the establishment”/“the network connections”/“local to connect” the order in turn, enters directly to the local system “local connects” the attribute establishment contact surface, in this establishment contact surface “the convention” in the label page, selects “the Internet agreement (TCP/IP)” the option, and single-clicks in the corresponding page “the attribute” the button, opens the attribute establishment contact surface, “uses the following IP address” this establishment contact surface in the option to select, simultaneously assigns one for the network card equipment with the ADSL device address with place a subnet IP address; For example, ADSL equipment’s IP address generally is “”, then we may establish the network card IP address as “”, simultaneously establishes the subnet mask address “”, the gateway address establishes as “”.

Then “will use the following DNS server address” to select again, then local ISP real DNS server IP address filling in here, for example, ISP real DNS address, if is “” time, then we may this address filling in here, simultaneously single-click “determine”, in order to preserve the above IP address parameter, as soon as believe such comes the computer system not to need to visit the DHCP server in the future in the start time flower time, then on system initiation speed definitely a yet higher goal.

5th, shield network mapping function

After order to facilitate each time starting, can in the fast access opposite party computer’s shared folder, many people often through the network mapping function in an opposite party shared folder mapping cost computer’s disk partition.Although this way brought for the sharing visit has been very greatly convenient, but it gave system’s start to bring not the small influence, after all systematic when each time started needed time-consuming to search, the scanning, to connect opposite party shared folder, in fact we were not each time starting when needed to visit opposite party shared folder, cleared shared folder’s network mapping function at will very obviously, will slow computer system’s toggle speed seriously.

In order to let the system initiation speed be not affected, we may defer to the following sequence of operation the network which does not use temporarily the local computer to map the connection separation:

First uses in the mouse double click system tabletop “my computer” the icon, in after that springs in the window single-clicks in the menu bar “the tool” the project, from under which afterward appears pulls in the menu to carry out “the separation network driver” the order, afterward selects does not use temporarily the network driver district plate symbol, single-clicked again “determines” the button to be possible.

Certainly, we may also use “net use” the order to realize the separation network mapping connection goal directly, when uses this method shield network mapping function, only needs to open system’s movement dialog box first, and carries out “cmd” the string of character order, cuts the MS-DOS order row state the system contact surface; Then carries out “net use under the DOS prompt symbol x:/del” the string of character order, can the network disk partition be “X” the network mapping connection has separated, if wants fast the local computer in all network mapping connection separation words, only needed to carry out “net the use * /del” the string of character order to be possible.

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