How to eliminate under the mouse right key’s unnecessary menu?

Will my mouse right key a right key have super solution tyrant 10 ICQMUS under the MP3 document anything I to unload plants these softwares how also to have please do help how to delete.Question supplement:Do not tell me to use to optimize master, I will not use!!!!!! Please explain how to use

360 may
Does not need the software to change the registry, is more troublesome May download optimizes master to use, inside this function, may delete in the right key the unnecessary thing, may also increase needs.
After installing well, opened, had a fence in the left side “the system performance to optimize” – – “the filing system to optimize” this time in right side most the above fence is the right key establishment, you might also “more establishments” carry on a more detailed establishment inside this fence,
This may?
Wishes you to succeed!

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