How to cause the computer connection cable TV signal

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I to wired did not understand…In the school dormitory did not know that has the wired this thing

I want to install the television card on the school dormitory computer, did not know how to make Question supplement:a176337406, first thanks your

wymwon, also thanks your

Right, outside I do not need to set, because I want to record Europe’s and America’s television program attempt oneself to translate

Probably wants the next software, but must have finishes the route The television card divides into built-in and outside sets at two kinds, outside recommends you to use sets, is quite convenient, buys outside to set at the television card, looks like the cat (modem) to be the same, above has receives a telegram the source, the monitor, the wired electricity line of sight’s connection, receives the monitor connection computer obviously card’s line in the television card, then connects again the television card above the computer obviously card, finally joined the power source and the wired electricity line of sight above the television card on OK, the built-in television card only needed to join monitor’s video frequency holding wire and the wired electricity line of sight, moreover must install the compact disc actuation which delivered along with the television card.The cable TV signal input line meets has a plug, buys the television card, inserts the television card the input receptacle (biggest that is), then installs in the television card packing box the software, may record the program, the television card are most does not surpass 100 dollars

Outside sets the television card is also called the television box, you must look that the television must signal input monitor the plug to pull out from obviously card there inserts to the television box on, is very troublesome, if your monitor had 2 receptacles to be easy to do, received obviously the card, received the television box

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