How do I remove " NetAssistant" program?

Im cleaning my moms computer of each and every virus and also unnecessary plan.I look at uninstall Deep and Windows asks me easily should enable NetAssistant in order to update software on my pc.I googled the publisher, W3i, and my web associated with trust add-on tells me the initial 4 outcome are hazardous.I have got Malwarebytes and Used to do a whole scan yet no effects.Im rather confident it’s a strain.

If this is the program, Revo Uninstaller is a free course that cleans up every one of the bits programs leave behind inside registry aswell, but the following should just work!

Have you tried scanning the computer in ‘Safe mode’ safemode does away with all inward and outcoming connections on the computer, if you choose this subsequently the AV (AntiVirus) may get it if it can be harmful.

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