Help with Javascript problem!?

Hi guys, i use a mac and within the past few days i’ve been having problems with javascript including a Yahoo! adventure page.Whenever the adventure page a good deal, there’s problems with that fonts about the page.The particular font looks “different”, as in a very different font is actually on them (not your one’s that’s said to be there).I took laptop computer to the Apple store and so they said that this was a worry with that Java up to date software upon my computer rather than my computer system.I just win back home through the store plus i observe that of which other apple doesn’t hold the problem, and also neither does my desktop.
I currently have got a macpro edition 10.A FEW.7 with all of its software program updated just like latest variant of java.
Does a person have any idea what the challenge could possibly be, before i head to the apple mackintosh store for a second time.
Thanks beforehand!

You might want to try uninstalling coffee and reinstalling…

Are you with the same web browser across the entire computers.

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