Frames per second help?

Our CPU meter says We are using very little CPU whilst playing Eventually left for Useless 2.Relating to an Alienware M15x laptop that has a Quad key i7 processor chip at 1.73 GHz.I only bypass 30 frames per second.Is the idea my video clip card this limits my FPS or maybe my Proccesor I’ve a ATI Mobilty Radeon HIGH DEFINITION 5880 1024MB artwork card In my opinion.What would be a good Notebook video cards choice when getting referrals like LFD in addition to Call with duty

Why could you want more

No-one can see your difference previously mentioned 30fps.

Your LCD screen can solely draw 40 frames a second.

Update:When people “get” in excess of 30 FPS, your computer is precessing frames which are never viewable.

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