Does my computer have a virus?

earlier on i has been playing garrys mod at steam, my own keyboard had been acting way up that’s possibly because it truly is low power supply (wireless keyboard).then at random our gmod made minimized once more and become available internet explorer visiting the internet site, could many button combination make it open or maybe was this a malware i dont desire any acquire links, AVG is just not detecting everything but sufferer i possessed a win32/fakeAV pathogen in my own temp folder, but that is either any false positive after i clicked this minecraft backup folder (i have experienced virus safety measures when clicking uninstall upon programs before) or maybe a pathogen, but their been taken out.

my user is just not the manager so 100 % features are certainly not accessable

avg is usually a waste of their time, get gone it, download avast totally free, while ones at the item get malwarebytes, do an entire scan, if theres any kind of virus in your system that should find this and overcome it, good luck

here is some free information for anyone you AVG zero cost lovers.

AVG Free of charge contains standard antivirus safeguards (base degree only).

AVG Free would not contain Anti-Rootkit safeguard so rootkits can be hidden in the system.

AVG Free would not contain Anti-Spam which will monitor along with block UNSOLICITED MAIL and deceptive e-mails.

AVG Free would not contain the new Safe Downloads & Instantaneous Messaging safety (Web Protect technology)
so it does not screen a person’s downloads and communication with regard to viruses and also spyware.

AVG Zero cost only contains the Safe Search protection which affords you advice on data.
It does not protect in opposition to infected web pages.Only AVG paid for versions include the Risk-free Surf technological innovation.

source AVG:

it is best to use Avast:

Who cares for you Just operate the anti-virus.

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