Do I need both "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2" & "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2"?

I am trying to release space on my computer system (a Dell COMPUTER with House windows XP).I note that I own both “Microsoft.NET Framework ONLY TWO.0 Service Pack 2” & “Microsoft.NET Framework THREE.0 Company Pack 2” Reported by the add/remove programs page MY SPOUSE AND I use these “rarely” Must i need equally (or in fact either) involving these

Yes, you’ll want to keep this as distinct applications as well as programs are fashioned for several platforms and also (unfortunately) late versions regarding.NET framework usually do not completely overwrite previously versions.Best wager to abandon those and any security sections alone.

If you are looking for additional hard drive space, clear away old procedure restore factors and limit as much hard get space earmarked for Program Restore.The default space reserved will be 12% within your hard drive and that is too much.

Head over to Control Solar panel, System, System Restore tabs and tickmark “Turn out of system recover on all drives”.Click on Apply, Click on OK as well as reboot.Once you log again on, try the measures and re-enable technique restore.Repayment will free older regain points.

To limit as much disk space reserved with regard to system reestablish in XP follow identical steps earlier mentioned but when on the System Regain tab, click on the Configurations button.There it is possible to choose simply how much disk breathing space is reserved for program restore things but be sure to don’t established it in zero or you will not have any restore points to select from if wanted.

You should also consider owning a Disk Washing and start saving wanted files for you to disks as well as flash hard disks to provide help to delete your files in addition to save disk drive space.Should you have a lots of data that you want to preserve, you can look into investing in a storage moderate that plugs a USB interface and exchange files there in addition.

if you’re wanting to free up hard drive space I’d personally never advise deleting house windows updates, most are incrementals and/or are reliant in programs to operate.

They could not necessarily be utilised directly, but drivers might be applied from them.

Freeing up hard disk drive space should basically be constrained to non operating-system files.

Yes.I believe it gives you warning using this before a person even test it.It will be framework you need to keep it or you may not have the ability to use House windows XP appropriately.You may possibly never do it but it needs to be there for Windows XP to jog using your laptop drive.

Yes you require it — many uses will do it.Delete temporary.files, erase files through recycled trash, turn off of and on “system restore” (and maybe give it less space against your HDD) OR EVEN buy exterior drive

The TWO.0 shape is included in 3.0, SEVERAL.5 and also 4.0.Thus I would expect it is not needed.

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