Computer sudden power failure

Today I access the net to glance over the homepage time, cut power suddenly.Starting time demonstrated “system not normal close-down” the inscription, turns on the computer not to present any special unusuality.
Wants to ask the fellow chivalrous people, if the computer is glancing over time the homepage cuts power suddenly, can be what kind of? If when manages the document can be what kind of?
How if appeared has not been able starting or the system exceptionally should manage?
Answers satisfaction to give 50 points again, does not break a promise
Likely this kind of unusual close-down generally not type, also will not be able to open machine.What kind of will not cause losses and so on document information to be possible theoretically easily to retrieve along with technical development these information Computer sudden power failure, this, but the common friend meets frequently question.I am in any case once for a while meet one time.Lou Zhu do not worry, to look at my explanation:

Computer in work, if the sudden power failure, the main direct injury were the hardware.However in view of the fact that present’s hardware’s function was quite advanced.Also will not have any special influence.Example:Actually what the influence is biggest was your hard disk, inside this on him was in high speed revolving.Once cuts power, he will meet the question.A high speed floppy disk round magnetic head rubs causes the hard disk damage.However looked like the dissimilarity which in front of me said that present’s hard disk has the protective device.Therefore you did not need to worry specially.Moreover is power source’s stopping and breaks, is also a little affects to the motherboard such part wealthy and powerful family.

Said the hardware also had the software, the software aspect you possibly realizes are quite many.Generally, if we will close down unusually, the computer in start time will prompt you, because your previous time has not been able to close down normally, a behind big pile.Then let you start normally is good.Or will carry on the disk file repair and so on some operations, will be a that countdown 10 second that blue screen.This you do not need to manage him, let him do is good.Meddlesome system’s protecting oneself.

Moreover is your documents in sudden power failure time.The preserved words, that also has not had.Therefore I recommend you am comes one time Ctrl+v, carries on the preserved work.Like this in order to avoid are lost.

Although the question cannot be very big.But hoped that such situation do not occur.

Hoped that my reply has to you helps ~.Does not understand may also continue to ask me.

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