Computer starting later will present the tabletop to close down suddenly

Likely is power cut same ““, but will push aside the switch later again joins again starting on good “`
What I must ask was the answer to me do not say that these were any virus, because did not have the poison I not to go to at sixes and sevens website I to hope finally helped me with my computer problem’s same person to explain
I also had similar question “`starting to play close down.
I am the CPU ventilator’s question you try to look at your CPU ventilator and power source ~~~~
I wanted to be these 2 question “` Obviously card and under certificate of deposit inspection You enter the safe mode to look, the rising sun fruit may not words that was the memory question, but also had the possibility is voltage asking.Power source question.Has met many …….Ha, you take the CPU ventilator look, was too dirty, or was shatters, buys one not to be inexpensive, I have traded, AMD ventilator general about 10, INTEL wanted the coverall, possibly wanted 30.sudden power failure is ventilator’s matter, did not believe you to have a look

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