Computer power problems?

This is the matter.Our computer system turns on however it wont work windows if it opens it says START SAFE FUNCTION, SAFE FUNCTION WITH NETWORKING & FUNCTION WITH PAST SETTINGS.but regardless of choice POST make(press) The item stops & freezes.What should i do whats that problem
Don’t say I would like to contact someone fix it because WE wont.

When out of your computer understand this message before you install every software start out SAFE SETTING remove in which.If note also start out safe manner and scan a superb antivirus immediately after re start out normal method.

Your crazy stubborn.When you deleted any of your respective operating technique files, your screwed considering the fact that you cant even run safemode.If you have a strain and can’t begin your computer the slightest bit, your still screwed.Another possible that the hardrive is definitely damaged while.Try format your hardrive.

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