Computer close-down speed question ~~~

Recently the computer had the close-down slow problem, waited for the loom only then to stop for a long time, the present was the screen left under start closes down cannot close, after having selected, only then the hour glass in that and so on, I could not wait to press ctrl+alt+del to close in the duty supervisor, could carry out, why???
The system question, suggested that you install.I and today’s situation is the same Virus! The advancement is slow, best describes the Xiaguan machine-hour Malicious procedure, with 360 cleaning ups under repair system crack ·
Really not good on rewiring under system · Closes down when XP, the system will send a message to the operating procedure and the long-distance server, will tell them the system to close, after and will wait for will receive the response, the system only then to start to close down.
Speeds up the starting speed, might establish the automatic end task first, first found:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop, the AutoEndTasks key value establishment is 1; Then has under this branch ” HungAppTimeout “, changes its value ” 4000 (or less), the default is 50000;
Finally found HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ again, similarly establishes WaitToKillServiceTimeout as ” 4000 “; Through established the close-down speed obviously like this quick many.Reference: You in close-down time manual switches off the first application procedure Is the system question suggested that the rewiring finished

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