Company’s computer uses in the identical local area network, had on a stage the net

Company’s computer in identical local area network, why some computer in daily 9-10 spot this time section net, but 10 later might access the net, what solution sought help each position to have?
Changes IP first, is not good again the rewiring system, and restores BIOS the default value.In the local area network some computer has installed the P2P and so on software? Gathers similarly lives the network management the software to be possible to control some computer in the time section which assigns not to be able to access the net.
You may on willfully the Taiwan computer:Movement—CMD—ARP – A, under examination, besides 192.168.*.1 this IP, if also has in addition IP, examined whether in that computer to have the software movement which was similar me to say This situation most is in the local area network some people with similar “the network military judge” the local area network management software has established the surfer time interval control to your IP, possibly is for him when this time interval plays the game is smoother.

Or has the Arp virus.
The Arp virus kills defense tool Antiarp specially
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