Asks the computer good wife

The high score hangs the computer to assemble the master
Posts a reward the minute:15 – finished to the question also has 13 day of 3 hour
Asks the computer to assemble the expert help to look how much money this does want the business to match the present probably to need? I am Zhejiang, asked each, should better give an opinion again.

cpu:P4 631
Memory:Sharp nation DDR2667 1G
Hard disk:Western data 160G serial port
Motherboard:Chinese large P5PL2E
Obviously card:Shade relax 8500GTE latent evils DDR3 256M memory
The light drives:Taiwan Telegraphic Transmission 16*DVD
Engine case:Blesses peacefully 8037
Power source:Great Wall ATX2800 biggest 300W fixed 250W
Key mouse:Cruiser coverall
Question supplement:Can tell me each ap-proximate price? On-line had many people regarding CPU saying that the single nucleus P4 631 in many performance aspects compared to E2160 and 2140 good were real? PD I am not good like.
…Do not use P4…The memory trades a sign…Jin Bangyu gazes good Do not buy, moreover do not trade with this business! Now installs equipment also has makes one to use P4! Obviously is in the sales promotion supply, even is the secondhand goods!
Moreover the memory sign I have not listened, the engine case sign I have not listened That blows.

Tells you ultra frequency P4 to be able to surpass 2140 anything

Said simply P4 already could not follow the time Now also bought P4 to faint, definitely was not the new goods
The memory uses with a sign to feel relieved! Very lets the human reluctantly ……The P4 words card is not obviously easy to display the biggest effect ……The memory sign I have not listened ……

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