Asks computer’s entering anxiously!!! About computer class test!!!!

Four Sichuan Rural credit cooperative computer class test gives the scope is:
Computer elementary knowledge, software development and project management, main engine and network management, computer security and so on

Myself am not study the computer specialized, but how many understands some!
Which place review asks should from!
Said a more concrete spot to be better!
In July 5 must test!!!
Has thanked first!!!!
The financial software is essential.
Computer theory.
The credential must want.
Before has tests Jin Diehe the housewife.
You may also go to ask others.Engraves the chapter, manages the card

Handset number:13888888888

Computer application.
Computer network composition principle.
Software development? Recommendation
C++ programs // to learn this.By later student other software
Development specially easy seat of honor.
I ever do not shout sorrow.Human.^^

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