0x3001e0f8 instruction quotation “0x5620c094” memory. This memory cannot be “read”. Is how a matter?

Asks everybody to help busy
Believed many people meet this memory not to be able to be “read” the wrong prompt (hoped the following article can have the help to everybody.
Moves certain procedure time, sometimes will present the memory wrong prompt, then this procedure will close.

“0x????????”Instruction quotation “0x????????”Memory.This memory cannot be “read”.

“0x????????”Instruction quotation “0x????????”The memory, this memory cannot be “written”.

The above situation believed that everybody should see, even said some net friends, because is not feeling well the wrong prompt which appears frequently in this, but repeatedly rewiring system.Believed that the average consumer should not understand these complex hexadecimal system code.

Presents this phenomenon to have the aspect; first, the hardware, namely the memory aspect has the question; second, the software, this had various question.

One:Said the hardware first:

Generally speaking, the computer hardware is very not easy bad.The memory has the problem not in a big way the possibility (, only if your memory really as soon as is inferior brand collapses person), the principal aspect is:1.In the certificate of deposit has gone bad (second-hand memory situation majority), 2.Used had the quality question memory, 3.The memory inserts on motherboard’s Jin Shouzhi partial dusts are too many.4.Uses the different brand different capacity the memory, thus has the incompatible situation.5.The ultra frequency band comes radiation question.You may use MemTest this software to examine the memory, it may the thorough examination memory stability.

Second, if does not have, that from software aspect trouble clearing.

Said the principle first:In has the depositing data place to call the buffer, when the procedure places the data the buffer, needs the operating system to provide “the function function” to apply, if memory allocation successfully, the function the new opening memory area address returns for the application procedure, the application procedure might use this memory through this address.This is “the dynamic memory allocation”, the memory address is also in the programming “the cursor”.

The memory is not forever is on-call at any hour, uses endlessly, sometimes the memory allocation also will be defeated.When assignment defeat the system function will return to 0 values, by now returned to the value “0” not to express will begin using newly cursor, but will be the system an notice which will send out to the application procedure, informed presented the mistake.As application procedure, after each application memory should inspect the returns value whether is 0, if is, then means that presented the breakdown, should adopt some measure saving, this strengthened the procedure “the toughness”.If the application procedure has not inspected this mistake, it will defer to “the thought inertia” to think that this value will be the available cursor which will assign for it, will continue to use this memory in the execution.What genuine 0 address memory area storage is in the computer system most important “the interrupt descrptor table”, does not permit the application procedure use absolutely.

In has not protected the mechanism under the operating system (for example DOS), will write the data to cause to this address will work as immediately machine, but in the vigorous and healthy operating system, like Windows and so on, this operation by system’s protection mechanism capture, its result will be the application procedure which will immediately close forcefully by the operating system makes a mistake, will prevent its wrong expansion., Will present at this time the above memory not to be able to be “read” wrong, and pointed out that the memory address which will quote is “0x00000000 “.The memory allocation defeat breakdown’s reason are many, the memory insufficient, system function’s edition possibly does not match and so on influential.Therefore, this kind of assignment defeat sees much after the operating system use very long time, has installed many kinds of application procedures (including accidentally “installment” viral procedure), after changing the massive system parameters and the system file.

In the use dynamic allocation’s application procedure, will sometimes have such situation appearance:The procedure attempts read-write at the same place “should available” memory, but why doesn’t know, in this expectation the available cursor already expired.Had the possibility is “has forgotten” to the operating system request assignment, also possibly was procedure when some but logging out this memory “had already not paid attention” and so on.

The logging out memory by the system recycling, its visit power already did not belong to this application procedure, therefore the read-write operation similarly will also trigger system’s protection mechanism, attempt “illegal” the procedure only fate will be is operated the termination execution, will recycle the complete resources.The computer world’s law must be more effective than the humanity and be much severer than! Such situation belongs to procedure own BUG, you often may reappear the mistake under the specific operation sequence.Invalid cursor not necessarily always 0, therefore prompts the memory address not necessarily is wrongly “0x00000000”, but is other random digits.

First suggested:

1st, whether in the checkout system to have the wooden horse or the virus.This kind of procedure for the control system often irresponsibly revises the system, thus causes the operating system to be unusual.Usually should strengthen the information security consciousness, to originates unclearly may the executive routine not be curious.

2nd, the renewal operating system, lets the operating system the installation procedure again copy correct edition the system file, the revision system parameters.Sometimes the operating system itself also will have BUG, must pay attention to the installment official release the promotion procedure.

3rd, will use the newest official edition the application procedure, the Beta version, the proof edition to have BUG as far as possible.

4th, the deletion then founds in the Winnt/System32/Wbem/Repository folder’s document:Strikes my computer right on the tabletop, then one-shot management.In ” the service and the application procedure “, the one-shot serves, then closes and stops Windows Management the Instrumentation service.Deletes in Winnt/System32/Wbem/Repository folder’s all documents.(please found these documents before the deletion the backup transcription.) opens ” the service and the application procedure “, the one-shot service, then opens and starts Windows Management the Instrumentation service.When serves starts, the information which provides based on the below registry item will found these documents:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/WBEM/CIMOM/Autorecover MOFs
Reference:http://zhidao..com/question/16582960.html Generally is the software is incompatible, has the conflict to create, before this mistake had, you to make anything,

For instance the new installment or the deletion, renew the software to pull anything …..
Under cleaning up in computer’s trash..

Generally will be the memory question, but must raise, will not be the software question words, the memory tears off with the eraser scratches, inserted on OK.

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