Why traded the motherboard not to be able to enter is systematic

I open the Internet bar was non-plate’s that day computer company’s coming trades a motherboard to me to be able to operate the computer, but how couldn’t enter the system to ask a matter? Listened to them saying that which eldest brother could brush BIOS such to brush brushes with anything has to know said that has asked!!!
1:Determined you sponsor model, with bios type award? ami?
2:Bios copy which must brush to hard disk on, the concrete position needs to know
3:Downloading brushes the sponsor the tool, awardflash, or amiflash places on the floppy disk
4:The homing system to dos, inserts the floppy disk, inputs awardflash, then carries on according to the prompt
The pure English operation, does not look east, takes the dictionary comparison
5:If does not have the soft area, that only could engrave the plate specially

Very simple, in brushes in the process guaranteed that does not want the power failure, was sure to remember You put cmos the electricity to try first

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