Why preserves the homepage opens is actually the word form

I retain several useful homepages, after preserving, the direct spot right key, the choice printing, the result is actually prints under the word condition, is very strange.If I double-click this page, actually is also opens under the ie condition.Ask how should revise this kind of printing pattern? Do not say the rework system perhaps the toxicant words to me!
Uses IE to open prints is again first You preserve the homepage the form are WORD, uses HTML elected Then you want to use that procedure to print?

You may open the IE attribute——Procedure label——-HTML editor—–, you choose that one kind of procedure to use that one kind to print Luo.The right key will elect to open inside the way to choose under IE to have inside a block to get cancels later may will directly open after IE with an inside document following printing printing You double-click that homepage
In file printout–Prints in the preview to have a look to
Then selects the top left-hand corner again printing ~

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