Why does my computer play the ice-bound throne always to halt, could not hit including one game?

Without the virus, just started me also to think that is system’s question, I then took away the rewiring, but came the appearance.Could not hit one game on the blue screen.
Requested that the master supports..Question supplement:Is the blue screen.Will not be the CPU hyperpyrexia, also impossible will be obviously the card actuation mistake, because will be the computer which will only then buy, will install is also associates the legal copy the XP system, moreover was the rewiring two times, but was not good..

Is halts or the blue screen, this has the difference, if halts, was anchors has been motionless, then any operation has not responded, possibly was the memory is not very big or the cpu frequency is insufficient.If is the blue screen possibility are many, for instance cpu hyperpyrexia, or obviously card actuation mistake.

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