Why does my computer become especially slow?

I got down some things then to delete recently, I not too understand the computer, many things under to the c plate, also did not know that oneself deletes does not have, was in the procedure thing are then many
I delete from mine computer, why in the procedure also has?
Did not access the net to turn on a page to drop down sluggishly from has opened finally, too anxious person.Why is?
Suggested that what hardware I do settle some, the software, but also which has lets the loom be at the condition the means to have?

Said understands, too specialized I not too understood, thank
The rewiring, or are spending several dollars to buy Zhang Pan the rewiring You delete the thing to delete from the procedure.This will not have.Also has the thing you to assign the way, should better not install in C the plate, you may install “Optimize Master”, maintains your computer.With optimizes master to clean up the system

http://www..com/ ?word=%D3%C5%BB%AF%B4%F3%CA%A6&tn=max2_cb Some are you have installed the documents, not only has deleted, but must unload…
Suggested under optimizes master, 360 security bodyguards Rewiring, later thing don’t inch C plate and that’s the end ` Sometimes ICQ very much will take your speed, will let you have one kind of card feeling, specially you just opened ICQ several minutes later Not important data on a rewiring system! Moreover the later downloading software and the store documents do not preserve on the C plate! After also has is the system installs, downloads a legal copy to kill the poisonous software, at present is auspicious the star and Caba Siji has a half year free version’s available! Has been poisoned, to you best method is really a rewiring, killed poisonously has been too troublesome, estimated that your computer question were many, beat the computer principle useful thing, then the rewiring, any optimized master 360 uselessly,
Later will remember C the plate not have outside system software’s thing generally, will delete the thing to here deletes from “the increase and the delete program”, will not be should better use from the regular large-scale website thing to kill the poisonous software first to inspect In what the procedure the deletion could erase from the procedure the procedure in is not should better be very thoroughly selects `to start ‘ in `control panel ‘ in `to increase or the delete program ‘ is very basically thorough as for has let loom better hardware and the software means are too many too many are most main was the net fast suggestion the words monthly rent and so on one year has with mine E good 1MB Bao Gu on 580-600 Yuan is again the memory and the system software suggested that the memory 2G system now majority of all was vista the software on optimized master almost · · · Has been poisoned, you should better format C/D/E/F various, only installs the C plate to be useless, the thing will not want under later to the c plate,

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