Why can the computer like this? Behind the icon is covering the blue color.

You supposed the tabletop background the blue color…Or is your picture is dynamic…The dynamic picture will look to the table facial color In my computer right key attribute high-level performance that item chooses the establishment choice best outward appearance determination then Knows its however must know its reason why altogether, Lou Zhu do not tacitly approve anything on the spot.Which option told you the key has caused this phenomenon, please do with me “

My computer -> right key is -> the high-level -> first performance establishment -> pulls in the tabulation under, you have a look at this item ” on the tabletop for the icon label use shadow “.Has found? Is this option, you collude with him, that might solve the problem.If does not collude with, will have your present’s situation.

Understood.If you if likes selecting the performance to be strong, chooses the adjustment in above to be also good for the best outward appearance.Looked at you.The my first method might solve the problem in any case.

If is also able to discriminate the question, please freely ask.Hoped that my reply has to you helps ~ This kind of situation has two kind of reasons generally:

Closed has used the shadow for the tabletop icon label on.(strikes on right tabletop “my computer” – attribute – high-level – vision effect)

Caged in the tabletop has decided the web project.(leaves in the tabletop blank strikes – the attribute – tabletop right, then cuts the web label page, will see will have the fixed tabletop project reelection frame.)

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