Why can my computer such the card???

My computer CPU2.66hz, memory 1G, obviously saves 128m
My friend’s disposition needs almost to select compared to me, cpu is 2.3hz, the memory 512, integrated obviously card 38M

Similarly does the edition evil spirit beast, why on my computer play the phenomenon which again the evil spirit beast will retard, the friend family’s computer actually not card.I also am and he play the game equally, why my computer special card????
On the tabletop thing are equally few, but why under the refurbishing my computer sudden card, but he the card, I will not be annoying, I will clean up system trash again frequently, he will not need to make.
Was melancholy Question supplement:The installment thing almost, the system is also WINXP SP2, the hard disk is also same.Has not mentioned is similar

Optimizes your computer:
1st, “the start” – – in the movement inputs the msconfig– determination – – start – – to cancel besides input method ctfmon all removes.Restarting.
2nd, the right key my computer” – – an attribute – – high-level – – start and the breakdown restore the establishment – – to remove all cancel – – read in the debugging information choice “not to have” – – the determination – – high-level under error report – – spot to be forbid – the – 2 determinations.
3rd, “the start” – – opens in control panel’s folder option – – to inventory looked that – – the spot goes to front of the last term auto search folder to cancel – – the determination.
4th, the right key my computer – – attribute – – hardware – – equipment supervisor – – double-clicks the IDE controller – – secondary channel – – high-level establishment – – transmission pattern to choose the DMA– device type to elect not to have – – the determination – – main road also similar establishment – – determination.
5th, the right key C plate carries on the floppy disk cleaning up and other option system return to original state cleaning up.
6th, (reads document “C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch (temporary file) in thing to erase in advance) with C:\WINDOWS\Temp.
7th, right key browser e– attribute – – 0.2 delete 1 elimination (to determine – – the determination one by one).
8th, clear spatial recycling station.
(5, 6, 7, 8 clean up one time namely to suffice every month.)
9.switches off debugger Dr.Watson, moves drwtsn32, besides “dumps the complete thread context” remove all
10.the closure “the system XP bringing return to original state”, the right key “my computer” in the attribute, the system returns to original state.(suggestion do not close, closure can only speed up systems operation speed, but to computer not any advantage)
11.closure “dormancy support”:Because the dormancy function occupies the hard disk space is big, therefore the closure is quite good, control panel–> power source option–> the dormancy (do not need to hit cancels)
12.speeds up Win the XP on-line neighbor browsing speed!
Opens the registry to click:Starts – the movement – to input regedit-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows
/CurrentVersion/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace.The split field leaves the choice key value:{D6277990-4C6A-11CF-87-00AA0060F5BF}, deletes following is not the unnecessary key value, after starts, will discover that on the tabletop has been short many icons
13.accelerates XP to open the close-down:

1:Reduction standby period:

The opening registry editor (started – movement – to input regedit-) to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control,
Supposes WaitToKillServiceTimeout is:1000 or are smaller.(original setting value:20000) is when the closure procedure only waits for 1 second.Changes the HungAppTimeout value:200 (original setting value:5000), indicates the procedure makes a mistake when waits for 0.5 second.

2:Let the system automatic shut-off stop response the procedure:
Opens registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ the Desktop key,
Supposes the AutoEndTasks value is 1.(original setting value:0)

the 3:MsConfig majority friends should know well MsConfig, this was a system built-in Windows establishment tool.The click starts the menu, the choice “the movement”, then knocks into “msconfig” in the input frame the carriage return.What we must move the hands and feet is (start) the option card, clicks on it, in this option card had demonstrated when Windows start moves all procedures.Here except ctfmon, did not have a procedure to Windows is the life and death long-drawn-out pass, therefore felt relieved do not boldly remove.Cancels after the part checks off, Windows starts quick, simultaneously the idle system resources will be also many some.
14.cancels the XP bringing the compression folder tool:
The click starts – > to move, knocks into:regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll.Then carriage return then
15.closure wrong repayment:
Control bench—-> system—-> enters the step—-> right bottom—> error report—-> closes
16.change temporary file position

A, system temporary file:Because the system must produce the massive temporary files every day, if has placed the system plate, will produce the massive floppy disk fragment, will cause the system speed to be getting more and more slow.Temporary file’s production, is generally installs the software, the decompression release to reduce the time which Bao He accesses the net will produce some temporary files.Moreover if downloads frequently, also will have the massive temporary file production.

The change temporary file’s depositing position’s method is, right key “my computer”, “attribute” in dialog box, “high-level” “environment variable” establishment.“the variable” temp and tmp establish completely as other, the choice “the edition”, then changed the way to be possible.Only changed in front of Local Settings \ Temp the variable to be good, the change was a plate symbol volume sign may.

Below “the system variable” also has temp and tmp these two variables, changed same directly is good.

B, the Internet temporary file, the direct right key “Internet Explorer” “the attribute” in the dialog box, the choice “the convention”, in “the Internet temporary file” in the option, the click establishment dialog box, the choice “moves the folder”, also aimed at the system file temporary folder’s position the Internet temporary file to be possible.(suggestion do not change temporary file to computer not familiar user position, after change defeat, your computer will be unable to use browser, like this is unable surfer)
17th, each week kills the inferior poison.
18th, downloads one free to optimize Master V7.2build.6516 to exempt the registration most newly, optimized system.
19.closes when the computer automatic end task:

Is closing down, sometimes will spring the repugnant dialog box, reminded some procedure still in the movement, whether end task.Actually definitely might let Windows through the little revision finish these automatically still in the movement procedure.Opens HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ in the registry the Desktop table of contents, changes the inside AugoEndTasks key value 1 Zha Guodu? The system is also same? Corona Reference:http://auction1.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db1-c78f3bd2c3c3be9c3d6fe9e360457228.jhtml This disposition should card ~ not prove that your computer trash thing are too many, virus, plug-in unit, trash document ====! Ha-ha rework system simple! How to kill is poisonous how the dispose rubbish document and plug-in unit this thing also uses to tell, the next several software 360 black magic rabbits kill the poisonous software! One do Next 360 security bodyguard Caba Siji You and your schoolmate’s computer disposition is the same? The integrated obviously card can play the evil spirit beast? My 64M card obviously plays a little card ~ on one’s own Adds the block 1G memory again, now played requests to be too high, did not have the means Reference:http://www.sskee.com/info/ Probably is your computer system question, as for you said that your friend the card, I did not believe that you played the effect entire pass, your computer card possibly was your system gets older After having many people install the system, has not installed obviously the card actuation specially, with the operating system bringing card actuation obviously, the ordinary circumstances with do not have the question, but plays many games to install obviously the card actuation, I before plays immortal sword 4:00 always could not look the animation, had after afterward installed the NVIDEA obviously card actuation, was good The network band width current capacity suffices? Looks up the computer again, with has renewed kills the poisonous software to look up the poison, guarantees the system non-toxic.Again optimized system, cleaning up system.The release system plate bigger sees spatially.Endures the backstage nonessential operating procedure.In addition plays when the game occupied the CPU big procedure also to close.Saw in the building saying that that long a few words, were do not have “the optimization” usefully.
Adds strip 512M again directly the memory, the rewiring operating system, I guaranteed that must be quicker than your friend!

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