Who can introduce office software’s historical development

I must write a paper, under the related competition and the monopoly, want to use office software’s example, who can introduce.Which office software has, in the function has any difference, any company develops, development history, software sale what state.Should better have the concrete data.Company’s history is best said that or which companies is tells me to have to handle these matters me to go to the to look up.I know have Microsoft with Jinshan, hoped that can introduce other, for instance overseas, by me to Microsoft the understanding, he cannot be office software’s initiator absolutely.
Remembered that must inquire the lotus 123 lotus flower company famous office automation software in 1977, Apple II was published, fire of the PC burnt comprehensively.But promotes the sale also to treat a software’s appearance truly:This is Bricklin development electronic forms Visicalc.
Was Visicalc II turned single-handedly Apple from the amateur hand’s toy the commercial tool which wielded great power with great arrogance, thus has initiated the true PC revolution.Some people were called this kind of phenomenon are “software’s tail shook hardware’s dog”.Indeed many users merely to use Visicalc to purchase Apple machine, this is in the computer history the unprecedented first time.
in 1981, IBM PC emerged officially, PC became the global revolution, but promoted the PC sale truly also depending on an essential software:This is electronic forms Lotus which in 1982 issued 1-2-3.May not exaggerate said that by now software already became the computer industry important propelling force, also has established software’s industry important position.At the same time, is also precisely each kind of common software (operating system and application software) adding fuel to the flames, promoted PC compatible machine’s prosperous.
Apple II
· office software frigid war:Microsoft vs Lotus
In the mid-80s, Kappel and Gates are an American software’s industry pair of sub-star.Kappel in 1982 organized Lotus Corporation, and held the post of CEO.Promotes the personal computing “the murderer level application” software Lotus1-2-3.in 1985, the Lotus staff has reached thousand people, was at that time the biggest independent software company.Until April, 1988, Microsoft only then surpassed Lotus, became the top-quality software company.in 1995, Lotus has sold to IBM by 3,200,000,000 US dollars statuses.Afterward, Kappel initiated the origination the electronic border area foundation (EFF), was called is computer’s industry American citizen Free Association (ACLU).Kappel also therefore becomes in the 80s and one of the 90s most influential computer characters.
Before the Microsoft Office founder, chief software designer Ximengni recalls:“I first time saw Lotus 1-2-3, I knew we met have been troublesome.”The Lotus 1-2-3 goals are the 256K memory computer, the performance are many moreover the operating speed to be quick, Lotus very quick captures the sales volume first, but also becomes in the world the first sale to surpass 1,000,000 sets of softwares.But what is accidental was Microsoft Multiplan has obtained the success in Europe.
Microsoft Word is Ximengni leads the development the second application procedure.on January 1, 1983, Microsoft issued that Word For Dos 1.0, this is a milestone-like software product.The technology is leading, Word starts from the first floor is for the graphical interface design, is the first set may demonstrate the bold on the computer screen, the italics, can demonstrate the distinctive mark the word processor.Supports the mouse and the laser printer, moreover the Word use contact surface and Multiplan maintain consistent, Ximengni plans produces the Multi serial products, but also has MutilFile, MultiChart and so on, but the marketing department thought that the name is too long, suggested changes to Microsoft the complete product to name, this is the extremely good proposition, Microsoft symbolizes the demonstration on each set of softwares.
It is a pity Microsoft is defeated once again, this time match is WordPerfect.WordPerfect through the user oral traditions propaganda and the fine post-sale service, catches up.WordPerfect is company one pays Telephone company telco’s photographic printing bill in the computer magazine’s advertisement, the big pen’s telephone bill shows the company to user’s thorough service.
Frontage combat is not good, Microsoft shifted the battlefield.Microsoft electronic forms software Excel obtained the success on the apple Macintosh computer, Ximengni has had a familiar task and handled it with ease to the graphical user interface, when design application software already considered the graphical interface, they used the C language programming completely, other matches like Lotus Reference:http://www.china-microsoft-office2003.org.cn/

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