What is this site like?

It can be duelingnetwork.com.
It’s by now got my own attention due to the fact I’m always looking for a duel, but I care more regarding it, before POST make get a membership.

We would like as significantly information as you possibly can.

Its the download free of charge website where you’ll be able to duel other folks by yugioh, all you’ve got to carry out is register your own username, and also have an e mail, for verification.It is quite simple, all you’ve got to carry out is create a deck by deck contructor, save the deck, and start the duel room to try out!

To see just how duels move, you could always continue the observe option, and watch additional peoples duel, this can be a flash online game, so you may have to get a hold of the freshest flash player in order to play.

In case you have any questions it is possible to always I AM me, or perhaps email me personally.

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