What input method does everybody like with?

How searches for a dog’s my spot not to be familiar with me to be familiar with intelligent ABC
I use the Pinyin adds Canada I use to search for the dog Pinyin input method, good I use to search for the dog, or, you use Microsoft! Searches for the dog I use five input methods,

Brings 2 points to flutter Five I use to search for the dog Pinyin input method, compared to Microsoft’s good Searches for the dog to use now, but searches for the dog to write the hard disk, truly is easiest to use.Five add Canada The google, used the guarantee to like The intelligence with was used to it, so will not be definitely easy to accept the new input method.
But I suggested that you test search for the dog, its biggest advantage is can remember we have hit words and expressions, will renew the word stock promptly.If you want to think that you are person of high skill, goes to school the Zheng code.
If you want to make copyist, goes to school five.
Only wanted to chat uses the Pinyin to be good.Five type quickly

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