Webcam problems? Please help!?

O .k so I’ve a logitech cam (not a integrated one) and it is often working superb until only recently.I’d pullup sites where you employ a webcam and the light would first start and then the required forms would freeze and cam won’t sometimes show this face.

The creepiest issue is the moment I quit out, my webcam light won’t switch off as in the event its nevertheless running plus recording me personally without me knowing.I’ve over heard stories in addition to Webcam receiving hacked in addition to people watching from the other facet.I’ve tested out exiting this applications, restarting the computer nevertheless the light nonetheless runs.

Is it possible someone could’ve hacked my webcam learn how to fix them and cause it to work in addition to why should it maintain randomly turning on and then won; t switch off Please help me!

Go to add remove programs
Remove this software for that camera
Reboot the computer
See if the laptop automatically adds the webcam
In any other case install the particular cd

If it even now does it run any virus / spyware and adware scan ( spybot)

If this still does not, try the item on yet another computer if and also act funny on the second computer
get hold of a new webcam

unplug that webcam on the pc next remove the driver for that webcam restart the pc and then reinstall that webcam.

Un-Plug the idea..

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