Under the router connects the router

The net passes the mesh wire after the cat, after the router, my computer obtains a port’s right of use again, now I buy a computer, but the router port is insufficient, therefore, I want to add a router again, like this my two computers could access the net.My idea is right? If right, how to realize? 300 points presented that thank.
Your words have the contradiction
Generally the router may connect 3 computers at least
If is really insufficient, may use the switchboard, is not continues to increase the router
Also does not need to establish anything, joins may use.It is not right, you should add a switchboard, two routers you this kind of Lian Fajiu could not access the net.
Meets a switchboard on the router, then the computer meets on the switchboard, the IP address by the router assignment, assigns is 192.168.1.xxx generally The mouth was insufficient adds a switchboard to be good, was very cheap, about 40 to 50 Yuan 8.Branched out a mouth from the router to be possible to expand 8 mouths.

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