the word document question seeks help urgently!

Recently discovered suddenly E in the plate next curriculum folder’s word document vanishes massively, is mainly ppt disappears majority of (only leaves behind two), the word document is also the partial losses, I determined that this is not I deletes.
Because always went outside recently with the superior plate, the suspicion is the superior plate infects the DOC.COM virus, but under safe mode’s procedure has not discovered this program run, also does not have under the no windows wj document.Afterward used the document which easyrecovery will restore to place other plates to discover that these documents all greatly did not open, I was melancholy.
How strange is very this a matter??? Why if were the virus could not find, why word file section existence? Where if weren’t the viral that my document goes to? I care about my word document also in! Who can help me to solve the problem! I will thank! Question supplement:Under supplement:Regarding enters the registry to revise the hot key directly, solves the hideaway document not to look the idea I have also used, the situation still cannot solve.

You meet with first inside mine computer search this documents,
If has not obtained by search, goes to on-line surface to download one to restore the software, restores has a look to have this documents, if does not have again, then I also did not have the means

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