The recycling station is unable clear spatial

In my recycling station is 0 bytes things, are many, selects the deletion time prompts is unable to delete:Is unable to read the source document or the floppy disk.Ask that each prawn, how the network masters are a matter?
First, convention solution

1.the note disappears or restarts the computer, then tries to delete again.

2.enters “the safe mode deletion”.

3.uses DEL, DELTREE and RD under the pure DOS command line orders its deletion.

4.if is in the folder has quite many child directories or the document causes to be unable to delete, may delete in this folder’s child directory and the document first, then deletes the folder.

5.if after “the increase or the delete program” the option unloads a software, discovered that the software installed the table of contents still to exist, inside was remaining several documents, when direct deletion, the system actually prompted the document to use is unable to delete.

This time may first open “the order prompt symbol” the window, combines the key according to “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to open the duty supervisor, “explorer.exe” the advancement will close in the advancement (should better possess before then procedure to close), cuts the order prompt symbol window, uses the folder which the DOS order enters is unable to delete, the input “Del folder” may this folder delete.After the deletion completes, chooses “the document -> new duty” in the duty supervisor, the input “explorer.exe” establishes system’s outer covering.

Second, high-level solution

1.the floppy disk is wrong
The movement floppy disk scanning, and scans the document in the district, before the scanning, determined already elects to repair the document and the bad sector, comprehensive scanning all options, after the scanning, again delete files.

2.reads the mechanism in advance
Certain video frequencies, image document broadcast interrupt or when preview will create is unable to delete.In the frame inputs in “the movement”:REGSVR32 /U SHMEDIA.DLL, logging out reads the function in advance.Or deletes [HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ CLSID \ in the registry {87D62D94-71B3-4b9a- 9489-5FE6850DC73E} \ InProcServer32] the key value.Then delete files.

Because counter-viral software, in Zha Dushi also will cause when the execution deletion will prompt the document to use, by now might try to stop or closes it to delete again.

4.Office, WPS series software
Office, the WPS illegal closure will also cause the document to be unable to delete or the name change.Roll back this procedure, then normal closure, again delete files.

5.draws support from WinRAR
Strikes the folder which right must delete, the choice “increases to the compressed file”.After springing in the dialog box selects “the compression deletes the source document,” writes a compression package of name casually, the click “determines” the button then.

6.jurisdiction question
If is Windows the 2000/XP/2003 system, please first determine whether to have the jurisdiction to delete the file or folder.

7.may the execution document deletion
When the execution document’s reflection or the procedure transfer also the DLL dynamic link storehouse has not released when the memory, deletes will prompt the document to use, the solution is deletes system’s page document under DOS (in Win98 is Win386.SWP, Win2000/XP is pagefile.sys).

8.uses other software’s method, I to everybody recommendation:

a, (the best stubborn software deletes tool) with Unlocker, Unlocker is a free right key expands the tool, the user after the installment, it then can the conformity in middle the mouse right key’s operation, when the user discovered that has when some file or the table of contents are unable the deletion, so long as presses down in the mouse right key “Unlocker”, then the procedure will demonstrate immediately is which some procedures have taken this table of contents or the file, so long as will then press down in the window which will spring “Unlock” to be able for yours file to solve ?.

Unlocker is different in other unlocking software’s part lies in its positive closing these to take the file by no means the procedure, but by relieves the file and the procedure correlational way comes the unlocking, will therefore not look like other unlocking procedure will create user possible data losing equally because of the positive closing procedure.

b, Killbox
Only then 416K, after the downloading, found the way, after directly may the delete files

9.Ultimate big method–Formatting! (must use that folder which formatting also is really a little exaggerates!) The filename contains the forbidden character, only then the standard plate can erase
Under LINUX can also delete Standard,

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