The old computer promotion question, asks the master to help

My computer disposition:
Motherboard:Faint star 865PE/Neo 2-LS
Memory:Jin Shidu 256MDRR-400
Obviously card:Faint star FX5200LE 128M
CPU ventilator:Cooler Master is very cold – 725R-GP
I want to promote CPU and the memory, what disposition is most appropriate with, estimated that must spend the how much money, asks the expert to instruct, to thank!! Question supplement:I was left over 10 integrals, embarrassed, ha-ha!

The suggestion has been good on a promotion memory, promotes CPU, but must promote other, finally was inferior that exchanged Reference: Did not know that you refer to any promotion, is the hardware or the software, if is hardware I thought that the promotion the space is not big, the might as well buys a new engine case, the computer is very now cheap Promotion value ~ had not suggested that do not invest the money again toward this above Ventilator Your computer promotion space is not big, even if after promoting the performance most to have 10% performance promotion, cannot budget, now computer cheap many, suggested that you purchase.Does not play the big spot the game also to suggest that do not rise.Province buys newly at the appointed time.Because your board does not know the binuclear, therefore cpu may trade p43.06.The performance is very good.The memory has been too small to the present, trades at least 1G DDR400.Probably more than 500.You wash have a look valuable.This is the cpu
Certainly.You may choose the low suspicion expensive words.Or high spot.Such machine trades strip 1G the memory should also to be able to pass! If wants to trade CPU to trade the motherboard and the memory at least, the possible company main engine power source and the hard disk must trade, the new motherboard majority only then the SATA hard disk connection (does not recommend use transit equipment), if these have traded, your card obviously does not trade is not perhaps good! Ha-ha! Was equal to that bought one newly! The new loom and are your monitor adaptive are uncertain (the receptacle certainly not to have the question! Is only if originally with 17 pure even, now trades a binuclear the new main engine also to match the Taiwan 19 wide screens at least LCD!

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