The new computer always halts

My computer disposition:CPU:Intel cool wisdom 2 E6550
Motherboard:Technique fine P965-S
Memory:Prestige just 1G 800 *2
Obviously card:Seven rainbow 8600GT
Hard disk:the 160G 7200 revolutions (sign has forgotten)
I also installed the legal copy auspicious star to kill the poisonous software to kill the poisonous software not to find the virus
Looked the temperature is overheated.What ventilator anything is the normal work If occasionally halts for example is uses 20 times to die a time that normally, but passes away is not normal….Looked that you dispose also well, I estimated that the possible reason to have two, one is the computer radiates not good; second, hardware conflict….Your heavy new clothing system tries, before I am such solve the computer to halt Passes away the mechanized construction to discuss the memory tears off, inserts, has a look at the CPU ventilator to work whether normally! Possibly is the radiation is not good, you are assemble, possibly was favorable turn’s person cpu radiator has not spread the silica gel or spreads has been too thick, asked them to repair.Also one kind of possibility is the mains input is too small, this is also possible, but the radiator has not installed the good possibility to be bigger.If halts, has the possibility is the mains input is insufficient, tries to trade a power source to try.
Also has the possibility CPU disappearing ventilator to be not too good, but felt is not too possible, the E6550 temperature is quite low
Third possibly is your motherboard is not very good to the E6550 support, the detailed situation you may ask the business
P965 – S3, has a look is any edition, the V3.3 edition can support you 6550.
Summarizes, a little uses a talented person in an insignificant position, E6550 must match block P35 at least I want also to be the hardware am incompatible.The radiation is not good

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