The help analyzes the new computer disposition

I matched the Taiwan computer in Foshan to amount to 3200
Motherboard:Chinese large M2N-MX SE Plus
Memory:Jin Shidu 800 1G
Hard disk:Hopes Czechoslovakia 350G
Power source:Great Wall 350W
Engine case:The harmonious numerical code afterward the attire wanted the time memory card is not good
DIMM0 DDR2 800(PC6400) 1024 MB
Helps me to analyze the card which obviously the performance and the price relations as well as trade is while convenient good or bad? Question supplement:Also has a monitor is the LG19 inch monitor wide band, but is domestically produced LG

Good, the performance-to-price ratio is also good, Reference: Above hard disk 100G might
Plays the game suggestion memory to 2G

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