The folder hid, cannot demonstrate???

Who wasn’t I careful select folder’s attribute shade to hide to know how to restore????????
My computer – > tool – > folder option…- > examined that – > hides the document and the folder – > chooses the demonstration Moves regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software |Microsoft | windows | CurrentVersion | explorer | Advanced | Folder | Hidden | SHOWALL, the CheckedValue key value revision is 1

But possibly still not useful, the hideaway document had not demonstrated that this is because virus after the revision registration expresses the hideaway document goal, deletes originally effective DWORD value CheckedValue, newly built invalid string of character value CheckedValue, and changes the key value 0!

Method:Deletes this CheckedValue key value, single-clicks the right key newly built Dword value, the naming is CheckedValue, then revises its key value is 1, like this may choose “the demonstration all hideaway document” and “the show system files”.Reference: The tool – folder option – examination – cancels chooses demonstration all documents and the folder “the tool” the menu – – folder option – – “examined that” the option card – – inside had “demonstration all folders” – – the determination to come out
Then went to again the attribute in hideaway spot on OK! You open the contact surface which the folder is, opens the folder option in the toolbar, then opened again demonstrates in fence’s demonstration all folder option to be possible.Discovered that a ICQ video frequency compulsion software was too terrorist! Yesterday my friend through this software, in I did not know in the situation the long-distance video frequency has looked I and I chat, therefore everybody later usually will not use the video frequency time certainly must cover the camera.Network really unsafe.Does not believe has a look at this software demonstration:

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